Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Leaving a Light On

One of the hazards of having lived in a bunch of places is the fact that I never know if a trend in my part of the country is a trend the whole nation has embraced or just a thing in my corner of the world.  Case in point: candlelights in windows.

Tiny candlelights in dark windows are definitely a thing around here and I love them.  A few years back, my mother gave me a set of four lights for the front windows in my house.  They came from Plow and Hearth and are these exact lights. They are easy to use and durable.  I think they make Sassafras House look friendly and welcoming, especially during dark, cold winter nights.  My four lights are in the front windows of my house.  When I look out my back windows, I see that some of my neighbors have candles in their back windows.

This winter, I got an additional light for the stairway window that faces the backyard.  It glows there on the landing and makes my house feel just a little more cozy.  It feels like home; a happy, welcoming home.
May your 2014 be safe and peaceful with a side of joy just when you need it most.  Happy New Year!

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