Thursday, December 05, 2013

Real Life Texts with T: Hypocrisy edition

The backstory:  I am involved in a multi-year project to select toenail polish colors that feature names which are not the least bit descriptive of the color.  For example: Head Mistress, Foot Loose, and Jamaica Me Crazy are all "colors" I've had on my toes in the last year.  T knows about this project and reminded me of it the other day when I texted her my concern about the name of a candle scent.

Me:  Candle burning in this office is a scent called "copper kettle."  I do not think that is a legit scent.

T:  Oh sweetie, you are in no position to judge candle names since you choose nail polish by their exotic names……sorry to be the one to tell ya.


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