Friday, January 31, 2014

Daydreams of Spring

I am what I would call a seasonal optimist; a woman who always looks forward to the seasons ahead.  Sometimes, I think that I enjoy the anticipation of a season more than I enjoy the season.  But in writing that sentence, I think of Spring and all the things I love about Spring and now I am prepared to take back that thought.  

The truth is that I love all the seasons, for very different reasons of course, but in rather equal measure when it’s all said and done.  And when one season is wearing thin, thoughts of the season to come are a balm on that tension.  This Winter, which has featured temperature ups and downs that feel extreme, is certainly a time to appreciate the cold.  And trust me….one appreciates the cold when it is not even 10 degrees, the wind is blowing, and there is 6 inches of snow awaiting removal.  To ease the cold, I stack up my garden catalogs and carry them around the house like a talisman against the chill.

I think about the seeds I will plant and the harvests that they will bring.  When the Winter wind is blowing, I sigh a bit, fearful that Spring is far, far away.  And then, as confirmation that the cold can’t last forever, seed racks begin to appear in the stores and I know for sure that Winter will end in the glory that is Spring.  That's happy!

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