Friday, January 17, 2014

January on the Porch

Evergreens are among the more vibrant outdoor color to be found in the winter and they are the theme for my porch in January.  While the Christmas lights are gone, the snowman flag remains because snow is still fun in January.  We’re not likely to sit out here this month and so the rest of the decorations are simple, in keeping with winter’s austerity.
On the table is an Etsy-find tablecloth with some baskets of pine cones and evergreens.
By the table next to the rocker, the place where I keep my iced tea and book in the warm weather season,  is another basket of evergreens.   It’s feels like a place marker for the outdoor-sitting months that will surely arrive.
The snow shovels, broom, and salt bin are less decorations and more practical items for the season’s snow and ice removal chores.  They stick around because so far we’ve needed them a lot this winter.  The front door is cheerful with a red berry wreath, calling us inside to the the warmth.  
That’s happy!

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