Sunday, January 05, 2014

Squirrel Antics

I like squirrels because they are cute and industrious, but I am not sure that I would call them clever.  Case in point: 
My backyard squirrel, Pesky, found this corn in the neighbor’s yard and brought it home to my yard for his New Year’s Day feast.  This happened before the snow storm but even so, he couldn’t bury it because the ground is frozen hard.  So he stored his corn in my flower pot, where no other squirrels will be able to see it.  This probably won’t end well.

He’s also hard at work on a nest:
Here again, his real estate choice seems somewhat suspect and fairly unsafe.  But he’s the squirrel in this relationship, so I will yield to his judgment.  In the snow, his corn and his nest was covered, so the end of this story remains a mystery.  Take care, Pesky.

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