Monday, March 24, 2014

Hopeful Anyway

As I write, there is a brilliant sunlight outside.  But it’s late March and though Spring is on the calendar, Winter is having its last gasp and the temperature outside is hovering around freezing.  Snow is once again in our forecast, a prospective 3-5 inches overnight tomorrow, accompanied by cold temperatures and a frigid wind.

We have had a few tantalizing days above 50, some even featuring sunlight.  The smallest hint of green is around in the form of bulb shoots slowly pushing through the cold soil.  I have to look to see the evidence, but I do look and it is lovely to see.    More than that, it’s hopeful.  

Growing up in California, seasonal extremes were not very great.  I appreciate the natural world much more when I see the variations as I do in the climate here.  That’s not to say that I don’t miss the beauty and ease of the weather in my home state; I do.  It’s just that I value the ways in which more extreme seasons help me to mark the passage of time and see and feel my place in the world.  So I will wait through this next storm, it’s really the only option.  And I will look forward to the lush green reward spring will eventually provide.

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