Friday, March 21, 2014

Our Sporting Life

Among his strongest passions, sports tops out at number one for JT.  He watches ESPN daily and his iPad is filled with assorted apps to generate scores and stats for his brain to chew upon.  He watches games as well and this point in the year, with March Madness in full-blown effect and opening day of baseball just around the corner, is among his favorites.  He has loyalties to certain teams and schools and the t-shirt collection to prove it.  He’s still enough of a kid to plan his wardrobe around the day’s games (yesterday featured a Wisconsin t-shirt in the morning and a switch to Syracuse for the afternoon).  His Tennessee and UCLA t-shirts are washed and ready for today’s slate of games.

I introduced this obsession and do my best to keep up with it, but JT’s knowledge of sports outpaces my own these days.  When I needed to fill-out my Buffett bracket, it was JT’s help that I sought.  As he grows up and seeks more and more independence, the games we watch together maintain a powerful bond between the two of us.   Not too many years from now, he’ll head off to college and a life of his own.  Until then, we watch games and cheer on our teams and find common cause in these games that are about fun, hard work, and perseverance; all lessons that benefit my sometimes impatient boy.  These days it is one of my greatest pleasures as a Mama.

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