Tuesday, March 04, 2014


Over the weekend, T helped me with some Spring cleaning: specifically, we organized the pantry.  I have a fairly spacious kitchen pantry and I have cleaned it out on previous occasions, most recently in 2009, which is rather too long ago.  No matter how I try to keep up, the pantry eventually looks like this and I can't find a thing:
There was plenty of confusion in this pantry, enough to make me scratch my head for days.  Trouble came in threes.  I had three boxes of lasagna pasta, a food I make less than once a year.  I can serve that lasagna with bread crumbs; I had three shakers worth. There were also three boxes of raisins and I don’t really like raisins.  The collection of vinegars raises some very interesting questions.  No matter, in the end, things got cleaned out and organized.
And then the shelves got labels.
The pantry is much tidier and desired items are easy to find; I’m hopeful that the labels will assist in keeping me organized.  That’s happy!

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