Thursday, March 20, 2014

Invitation to Spring

Last night a thunderstorm came through and dropped some serious rain upon us.  It says a lot about our Winter that rain with temps in the 40s actually felt warm.  In a few short hours, Spring will officially have arrived.  We’ve got some sunlight to go with the day and I heard birds chirping this morning.  I am ready for some green in the landscape and glad that our last remnant of snow has finally melted.  I am looking forward to sitting in the front porch rocker with a good book and a glass of iced tea.
There are promising signs of Spring all over my yard, and I will be particularly happy to see blooms in this planter, which I’ve set out to enjoy the sunlight.
Until then, I’ll keep an eye on the green shoots in all of my flowerbeds.
I’ll eagerly anticipate the first mow of the season.
And I’ll welcome blooms on the lovely rhododendron bushes that frame the front steps.
March is a fickle month and there will surely be some more cold days before Spring really takes hold.  But the calendar is on my side as of today and soon enough I will sleep with the windows open and flip flops will be the only shoes that I need.

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