Monday, June 02, 2014

Baby’s First 5K

For the last two years, JT has run on the school’s cross country team.  He’d always loved running and it didn’t surprise me when he joined the team.  He keeps up with running in the off season and this spring he asked to run in a local 5K organized to raise funds for a group that funds cancer research.  On Sunday, he ran in his first 5K.  Middle School cross country runs are typically 2 miles.  At just a tad over 3.4 miles, the 5K is the longest race he’s ever run.

He enjoyed the run and learned some more about setting a good pace for himself.  He was reminded of the value of keeping hydrated and training in advance of the race.  And he supported a good cause.  The boy reports that I should expect that in the years ahead I’ll be spending a lot more time cheering on runners at the finish line.  Turns out I’m okay with that.

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