Friday, June 20, 2014

Incident Report #2

There is a basketball hoop on ship and JT played a few pick-up rounds with his cousins when we boarded the ship on Saturday.  S, at 6 ‘ 5”, is rather good at the game, and JT got schooled pretty quickly.  Not one to give up hope, on Sunday morning JT took himself to the hoop at the very top of the ship for some practice.  I was in the room when he returned and as soon as he came in the door and said hello I knew from the tone in his voice that something was wrong.

Turns our I was right.

In an effort to secure his own rebound, he rushed the net at the edge of the court, not realizing that there was a metal pole contained within.  When pole met face, the pole prevailed.  There’s a few scrapes and a quite impressive black eye.  When people ask what happened he says Vikings and then shakes his head ruefully.  

T, informed of the incidents thus far , including the key and shoe my nephew lost (but eventually found), suggested that for the next vacation we check the boys into a kennel.  She figured that with a bowl of ketchup and another of Gatorade they’d be fine.  Not to mention safer.

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