Sunday, June 01, 2014

June 1st: Front Yard Flowerbed

The month of May brought enough rain and sustained warmth to permit my garden to explode in blooms and green plants.  This flowerbed is in need of some weeding and mulch, a project planned for later this month.  In the meantime, the flowers are coming along.  Last year’s Mother’s Day peony is ready to bloom.

A peony that I thought I had lost has returned.

T gave me a big box of dahlia bulbs for Christmas and I planted eight of them along the perimeter of this corner.  These two are coming along quite nicely and will need to be staked later this month.

Last year, I wanted to find a way for this corner of the garden to have a different flower in bloom for each of the warmer months.  I’m closing in on success when it comes to that goal and that’s very happy.  

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