Monday, June 16, 2014

Incident Report

JT has always been the sort of kid to shut the doors and lock them and that particular proclivity caused trouble on day 1 of our cruise.  Our room adjoins my nephews and at some point late on the first evening, the boys all went to the cousins’ room to watch World Cup soccer.  When I came back to my room, my electronic access key would not let me in.  It took a few knocks but the soccer-cheering boys in the room next door eventually opened their door and I explained the problem.  We stood in the hall debating what had happened as both JT and I sought to use our key to open the door.  And then JT realized that earlier in the evening he had returned to our room, took the extra step of bolting the door, and then passed through the shared door to his cousins’ room.  He took his electronic key but firmly shut the access door behind him, thus locking us out of our room.

I called maintenance and they came right down with their electronic key.  But when I explained that super security boy had locked the bolt, they were stumped and then announced that “we have to go to the bridge.”

For the next hour, I waited with the cousins and JT while they watched “Bad Grandpa” (viewing tip: the movie is targeted to the interests of teenage boys) and I tried to stay awake.  We debated what it might take to get me in my room.  I rejected S’s proposal that C climb over the balcony to see if the balcony door could be opened.  Also rejected was the invitation to sleep in the nephews’ shower.  The very kind maintenance guys finally secured a way in (super special electronic key) and I climbed into bed hopeful that this would be JT’s last unwise decision of the vacation.

Other than that, Europe is lovely this time of year.

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Shelley said...

This is a great story... we miss you all like crazy, so please keep them coming!