Monday, June 09, 2014

Real Live Conversations with T: Garage Sale edition

The backstory:  T and I occasionally enjoy checking out garage sales and swap meets.  Though we’ve never found anything of real value, we do bemoan “the one that got away", a rotating list of the ridiculous things people try to sell.  Most notably, we regret our that giant bag of clown doll heads that we failed to snap up at a garage sale in Pennsylvania last year.  This weekend, my town had a town-wide garage sale.  That’s a lot of junk to check out and in one driveway we found a collection of glass specimen jars.  I was horrified but T could immediately see their value.

T:  Is your parole officer hassling you about urine samples?  Good news…..with these jars you can collect your urine when it’s convenient for you!

We didn’t buy the jars and if the rest of the weekend is any indication, T is having a hard time swallowing her disappointment.

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