Monday, May 25, 2015

Garden Ready

I planted some zinnias seeds and tomato plants two weeks ago and this past Saturday the rest of my summer garden got planted.  The plant store on the Friday night of Memorial Day weekend was surprisingly quiet and I rolled my cart through the aisles filled with happy thoughts of the blooms and fresh produce in my future.  A nice collection of plants came home with me.

The backyard garden is now planted, awaiting sunlight and warm temperatures.  There is a lot of cleanup and weeding still to be done and I may put a few more seeds in the ground.  But zinnia seedlings are well on their way, tomato plants are in cages, and the growing season has begun.

The front yard got some trimming and the front porch got a few more pots of flowers.  Indoor plants have come outside for the summer.

Extra warm temperatures are forecast for this week.  Soon enough, I will be picking the things that I have grown. That is most happy.

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