Saturday, May 16, 2015

Harbingers and Heralds

If JT and I were plants, the seed catalog would note that we are cold hearty, heat intolerant, and moisture loving.  Nowhere is this more clear than when it comes time to sleep.  We both like to sleep in cool rooms.  In the winter, I set the furnace to 56 overnight and we sleep in beds heaped with soft sheets, warm blankets, and heavy down comforters.  The cold is why we enjoy the heavy bedding and JT is always happy to see his down comforter come out.  It’s the teenage equivalent of a blankie.

As weather warms, the time comes to pack away the down comforters and duvets and we convert to quilts.  This transition is something of a betrayal in JT’s mind, because he much prefers snuggling under heavy bedding.  The consolation for lighter bedding is sleeping with the windows open, something we both enjoy.

Waking to the sounds of chirping birds with the early sunrise and light of summer coming on is one of the best parts of Spring.  I love the longer days and sunlight which make me feel as if there is endless time to accomplish the many tasks at hand.  In the frenetic pace of May, the sound of birds in the morning is a peaceful and happy way to start the day.

And the quilts that JT isn’t so happy to see?  I remind him that those are the signal of a summer vacation that will begin in just a few weeks.  This year, after three seasons of athletic practice and the best effort he’s ever made at school, that quilt is a mark of a well-earned break tantalizingly close at hand.

That’s happy!

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