Saturday, May 02, 2015

Look at My Pretty Flowers

Postings for April were, ahem, a bit scant.  I plead the baseball season.  Specifically, daily baseball practice and the number of long baseball games in fields located all over central New Jersey.

These days, I spend a lot of my time just staying on top of where my kid is, where he should be, or where he needs to go next.  On top of that, there’s this full-time job that expects my time.  Not to mention bathrooms to clean, beds to make, laundry to wash……..well, you get the idea.

I did take a day to go to the city last weekend.  I saw two plays, which was a crazy way to spend an April day.  But the plays were amazing and I enjoyed the immersion in good stories.  I also made some pictures of flowers because flowers make all of life happier.  There was this floral stand near Broadway.

And this lovely pot of flowers, part of a collection in a public space on 51st.

That’s happy!

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