Monday, August 31, 2015

Garden Update: August 31

Though we are by no means as dry as California, we’ve not had much rain in August and gardens are a bit peaked.  Though I don’t water the lawn, my garden gets a good long drink every 4 days, as it did this morning.

There are plenty of tomatoes and basil still to come and I’d like to see a few more dahlia flowers before the first frost, which isn’t due for many weeks.

When the weather is humid, as this week promises to be, it’s essential that the water have time to soak in, so I turn on the sprinkler in the early morning.  In the damp heat of the day, the garden has a chance to grow.  This kind of weather is good for tomatoes and basil, so there is hope of more to harvest as September unfolds.  I'll take it!

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