Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekly Garden Update: August 17

By this time in the gardening season, I should have rows and rows of zinnia flowers.  I do have the zinnias but they have been stunted and the blooms haven’t materialized.  I suspect that’s because zinnias are a tasty snack for small bunnies and heaven knows I’ve an abundance of backyard bunnies.  So this week, I am officially admitting to myself that there will be no zinnia bouquets.  That’s the unhappy news.

Happily, it’s looking good for a dahlia or two.  

Some of the gladioli that I planted rather late might materialize.  But bulbs are a delicious snack for all sorts of creatures and it seems as if most of the glads and this hosta are gone; almost as if they never existed.  

I’m a bit annoyed but then I think of the hours I’ve spent watching the bunnies and their babies hop about so I make my peace with the garden carnage the bunnies have wrought.  After all, the basil looks terrific.

And there are tomatoes yet to come.

Every gardening season is filled with the unexpected.  This one is no exception.

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