Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekly Garden Update: In Dryer Climes edition

I’m in California so this week there is no weekly picture of my New Jersey garden.  Instead, I stepped into the backyard at my parent’s place and checked out my dad’s garden.  He’s the person who taught me to love gardening and so I always enjoy seeing his patch of garden. The squash is looking terrific.

The drought has taken its toll in this part of California but my dad conserves water carefully so that he can nourish his plants.  He’s uses a drip irrigation system to maximize water efficiency.  

Round one of tomato harvest is complete (the growing season around here is easily double what I enjoy in New Jersey) and a second crop of tomatoes will be set out shortly.  

In the meantime, the lime trees are ready to harvest.  I plan to bring some of these home with me.

The basil looks terrific.

The owl warns away critters in search of a juicy snack.

It's always nice to see my dad's garden.  He taught me how to grow things and his garden is a reminder of all the things I love about cultivating plants.

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