Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Traditions

I must confess that I miss the Easter mornings that featured an excited little boy scurrying outside in his pajamas to collect plastic eggs full of candy.  Those days are gone; sleeping in is now the order of a weekend morning.  Even so, the big boy set out his basket with expectations of a candy on-slaught to be provided without any labor on his part.

The Easter Bunny delivered and there were treats for everyone, of course.

One of the greatest pleasures of my adult life is the planning and execution of holiday traditions.  Easter’s annual celebration of new life and awakenings is a happy event in Sassafras House; one that I use to remind myself of the many blessings in my world.   Later today, we’ll have our Easter supper, one that features favorite dishes old and new.  But the most important thing at my table are loved ones.

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