Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring Blooms

For the most part, we’ve enjoyed an unseasonably warm March.  The trees and plants have responded to the rain and warmth and everywhere I look in my backyard, there are blooms.  Some are easy to see, like these daffodils.

Some require the eager-for-Spring gardener to come close and look for the new green life.  It’s here on the clematis.

The peach tree is getting ready for another year of sweet fruit.

My dogwood is taking things a bit slower, with an abundance of tight little buds that will soon bring me a profusion of white flowers.

There is snow predicted for the weekend.  Some forecasts suggest it will accumulate on Sunday evening.  The ground isn’t frozen; in fact, my backyard lawn is looking a bit ragged after all the rains.  But early Spring snow is a poor man’s fertilizer, so I’ll take it.  

After all, Spring is here and that is always happy!

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