Tuesday, March 01, 2016

In the Backyard Neighborhood: March 1

Though Spring’s official start is still a few weeks away, the backyard is already turning its mind to the next season.  The tips of these daffodil and tulip bulbs peeking through the soil show the way.

The hostas in this flowerbed will take longer but throughout March, I’ll be on the lookout for progress in this corner of the yard.  The start of Spring is tantalizing in this way and I love the sense of expectation that fills the lengthening days.

A larger view of the backyard reveals that there is quite a bit of Spring cleanup to complete.  Those chores are reserved for the first warm day of Spring Break and I am looking forward to them.

March is an expectant month, with green and blooms slowly making their way to the forefront.  That’s happy!

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