Monday, March 07, 2016

Seasonally Inclined

Come the close of February, I begin counting the days before my Winter tights and I can take a break from one another.  And I am always more than ready  for that break, having grown weary of twisting and wrangling to get my tights on without feeling like I’ve cut off vital circulation or otherwise endangered a major organ.

It isn’t always this way.  In the Fall, I embrace cold weather and tights, cheerfully adding a few minutes to my morning schedule and happily pulling them on.  Then, the Winter tight season is welcomed.  Come February, I start to fantasize that my morning preparations will be shorter without my tights.  By the end of the month, my longing for that extra time is so great that you’d think those extra two minutes are enough time for me to wash and fold two loads of clothes, read a book, and prepare a family meal.  I’ve begun to turn my attention toward warm weather clothing and there is no going back.

Usually I wait for Spring Break to make the swap out but we’ve got warmer weather on the horizon this week and so the swap out has begun.  Tights and cold weather clothes are being washed and stored away.   Spring sweaters and skirts are are ironed and ready for the week ahead.

There will likely still be some cool days ahead, but I have committed to swapping out the closet and we’ll just have to hope that my pride keeps me warm.  Well, my pride and cozy, brightly colored sweaters that seem like Springtime to me.

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