Monday, March 28, 2016

Meanwhile, Over in Cashmere Woods

A few weeks ago, I was in the faculty work room when I noted out loud that sometimes the 7th grade smells bad.  I mentioned that I was thinking about an air freshener and two friends of mine who teach in the Upper School spoke up at once with a hearty endorsement: “Cashmere Woods,” they proclaimed.  

I went out and secured me some Cashmere Woods and it really is a rather pleasant alternative to the smell of teen spirit that can otherwise pervade a room of 7th graders come warm afternoon days.  It took the kids more than a week to realize that the room had a different smell, and even then they weren’t sure what it is, which is pretty much 7th grade in a nutshell.

Classes resume today and with warm weather on the horizon, I expect that we’ll all be taking a trip to the Cashmere Woods, which I imagine to be fresh-scented, shaded, and lovely.

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