Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dogwood Saturday: Week 3

For every one of nature's seasons, I find there are a few weeks where we stand between one season and the next, not quite ready to make the complete transition, with the changes slow in comparison to the pace of the days.  Those days are filled with promise and they inevitably yield to an explosion of seasonal change.  

We’re at that point in Spring.  After a rainy and cold patch last weekend, each day in the past week has featured a bit more warmth to go with the increasing sunlight.  The forecast for the week ahead is even more warmth and sun and soon enough Spring will have come on full blast.  My dogwood is looking to lead the way.  

Well, half of the way; the branches that get less shade from the house are the advance guard of Spring.

Closer to the house, the branches in the shade are a bit slower to grow their flowers.

The glory of Spring is everywhere I look.  That’s happy!

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