Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Primary Tuesday: Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island

On the heels of the mutual-assisted suicide plan stirred up by John Kasich and Ted Cruz, whereby they divide up the remaining states and stop campaigning against one another in order to insure that T-rump doesn’t reach his magic delegate total, T-rump is about the score some big points in today’s voting.  The Republican party primary is basically a contest between shiftless jackals and today’s lead jackal is going to be T-rump, who isn’t capable of being thoughtful or presidential, led alone gracious in victory.

T-rump will win in all four states today, with over 50% of the vote in both Connecticut and Rhode Island.  He’ll win Maryland and Pennsylvania as well, but with just a shade less than 50% of the vote, meaning that the combined Cruz-Kasich share of the vote will be greater.  This will lend itself to yet another round of delegate-math speculation, so we’ve got that going for us.

Over on the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is going to be coming up roses today.  She’ll win Connecticut, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, with over 50% of the vote in all three states.  

Bernie Sanders will score a victory in Rhode Island, but it will be be less than 2 percentage points.  The end of the road is closing in on the Sanders’ campaign after tonight, a fact that the candidate seems to understand.

Once the Democrats close ranks for Clinton, the buffoonery of the Republican campaign will be even more apparent (yes, that’s possible).  

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