Friday, April 01, 2016

In the Backyard Neighborhood: April 1

We are headed into the most glorious part of Spring, when there are new flowers emerging from the soil nearly every day as the buds on trees open with a bright flourish and the leaves and grass green right up as we watch.  But first, you have to look closely to find Spring's achievements.

This development is a little earlier than usual, thanks to a mild Winter and some early Spring warmth and rain.  There are still some chilly days to come, of course, but I have my toes in the air and I’m ready for the seasonal change. I can hear the birds chirping outside each the morning and the sound is glorious; as if they are chirping a chorus to cheer on the blooming flowers and help us celebrate the lengthening daylight hours.

Spring is always a heady season for me; a reminder that Mother Nature is a powerful force in my world.  There is beauty and hope in the blooms and warm air; the light on these days feels as if it is glowing with possibility.

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