Saturday, April 09, 2016

Dogwood Saturday: Week 2

This week’s college visits with my nephew have entailed a certain amount of driving and in the past few days I’ve been all over the place.  Travel just a little south and the spring blooms are a tad livelier with more green on the trees and brightly colored grass starting to get that unruly Spring look.

North is not quite so green, a slight difference but one noticeable to me, eager for all that Spring has to offer.  After an early warm start to the season, this week has brought a chill to the air and it seems as if the blooms are holding back, not sure that the season is ready for them.  My dogwood tree shows the same reserve.  Part of the limbs are in fuller sunlight, and that branch is ahead in the bloom sweepstakes.

The rest of the tree has delicate green leaves still holding off on blooms.

The view from a distance shows the subtle differences.  

And so we wait for the full display of blooming color.  Spring is so very tempting!

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