Monday, May 30, 2016

Isn’t That Something?

A few years ago, T and I visited Fordhook Farm Gardens, when the private test garden of the Burpee Seed Company are opened for their annual August visit days.  It was crowded with people, many of whom were only casual gardeners, and on one of the tours we took, a handful of old ladies stopped at every plant they didn’t recognize (which was most of them) and loudly asked, “Is that something?”

They were wondering if the things they saw growing were “official” plants or were simply weeds.  But their queries happened so often that T and I have taken to repeating it.  To me, everything that is growing is “something.”  I realize that there are plenty of invasive species among the native plants, but beauty is beauty, wherever it’s found.

Buttercup flowers grow wild along the woods all around here; they are a native plant.  I spied these along the Delaware & Raritan Towpath near Colonial Park.  And they really are something to behold.

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