Sunday, May 08, 2016

Fairy Garden Developer

Last Spring I began to daydream about a fairy garden in my back yard.  I selected a location under Old Man Tree that had plenty of ivy and room for expansion and began my collection with a first house, which I named Flowerbox Cottage.  I added some outdoor furniture for the residents and my modest garden made me quite happy.   

For my birthday and Christmas, my family indulged my fantasy of a more elaborate fairy garden and now I’ve become a full-fledged fairy garden developer, with five cottages, two fairy doors, a chicken coop, outdoor furniture, a bridge, and all the makings of fairy satisfaction.  All Winter long, I thought about the fairy garden and I looked forward to Spring.  Last week, I began to set out the garden for the season.  The blue door stays out all year.

On Monday afternoon I added Flowerbox Cottage, the house that started it all.

To draw out my enjoyment, I planned to set out one cottage a day and then add the chicken coop and other accessories once all the cottages were set out.  I made pictures as each new item made its debut.  Organizing my the collection added a bright spot in the cold and dreary days that started the month of May around here.   In the week ahead, I’ll post pictures of my project as it unfolded.  

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