Saturday, May 28, 2016

New Parlor Game

The names of rose bushes are a range of images such that reading them could leave one confused.  Is that a rose bush?  The name of a cocktail?  A stripper?  I think this would make a terrific parlor game.  For each name correctly identified as a rose bush, the winner gets a drink.

This thought occurred to me after a recent walk at the Colonial Park rose garden, one of my favorite places to visit once the warm weather arrives.  The dark red leaves on the rose bushes show the new growth that will soon explode in prodigious June flowers.  A few flowers already lead the way with lovely blooms.  

We await the rest of the blooms.  

Until then, consider these names…..Bolero, Tropicana, Double Delight…..

Rosebush?  Cocktail?  Stripper?

Take a few sips of your favorite adult beverage…..these names all belong to roses.

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