Friday, February 24, 2017

February, Why Are You This Way?

The structure of this blog means that there is a running tally of the number of posts I generate each month.  I’ve often wondered why February’s totals are lower than average but, by the time I think about it, February has long passed.  This February, as I struggled to find even a few minutes to sit down and collect my thoughts, it’s been clear to me that this month is a crazy busy one, punctuated by evening events at school, an abundance of wrestling tournaments, and the usual busy chaos of life.  

It’s been so busy that I wrote a draft of a post for JT’s birthday and only realized today, a week later, that I never converted the draft to publish status.  The birthday message is up now and the delay is yet another reminder of how quickly time passes.  The days fly by and bit by bit we head toward the longer days and sunlight of March.  Something tells me that time has no plans to slow down and so I remind myself to enjoy it all and embrace the chaos.

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