Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Front Porch in February

At the start of the month, I took down my “Let it Snow” flag, figuring there was no point in inviting trouble.  But Winter still has several weeks to leave its mark and this morning brings news of an impending storm that may drop as 10 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow.  That will mean a snow day.  We haven’t had one in two years and the students are filled with excited energy today, full of plans to sleep in and celebrate Winter’s best offering: No School!  Meanwhile, my porch is cheerful for Valentine’s Day, with a basket of pinecones and hearts and a vase of red berries on my plaid tablecloth.

The front door's heart-shaped wreath and polka dot ribbon is just my sort of thing.  Though this Winter has been mostly mild, it has still featured enough cold to make a cheerful porch a welcoming place at the end of a Winter day.  That’s happy!

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