Saturday, February 11, 2017

You Made Your Bed, Now Lie in It

My parents are coming to town on Wednesday.  My multi-staired home is not a good fit for my dad, who has difficulty walking.  While my mother and I were sorting out a plan to obtain a daybed for the downstairs study so dad could avoid the stairs, dad pressed send on his own and had a box spring and twin mattress shipped to my house.  So it was that I spent a few hours last Saturday afternoon putting together a box spring.

And then unwrapping a mattress.

There is now a day bed in the study.  Bedding was collected from the closets; sheets and a cushy mattress pad were acquired.

The study is a lovely room with French doors and a load of windows.  It's chilly in the Winter but come the open-window season, it's a nice room.  I am currently daydreaming of obtaining a bunch more pillows and enjoying breezy afternoons spent reading in this corner of the study.  Of course, the jury is out on whether this bed is at all comfortable.  I expect that dad will provide his assessment after a few nights spent in his new rack.

Talk about sleeping in a bed of your own making……

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