Thursday, February 09, 2017

Snow Day!

We have had some snow this winter, but mostly just a bit here and there (and on Saturday, the equivalent of a Winter middle finger).  We’ve not had enough to have a snow day from school.  Until today, anyway.  As this week unfolded, the forecast for Thursday looked better and better for a snowstorm at just the right time for a day off from school: starting overnight and dumping the bulk of the good stuff during the morning commute.  Snow always generates excitement and this storm was no exception.  Thursday’s snow day was declared at 4 pm on Wednesday, providing enough notice for a happy sleep in on Thursday morning.  When I woke up, the storm was working its magic.

Snow ended by 2 and the sun came out by the time JT and headed outside to shovel the walkway and driveway.  Our labor earned us some hot cocoa.  There was a time when I had a little boy and made hot cocoa so much that I knew the recipe by heart.  These days, it’s a treat only recipe, but it’s as delicious as ever.

We sipped our cocoa and remembered snow days when JT was in and out all day long, churning up the backyard, building snowmen, and making snowballs.  Today, the backyard is untouched.  

Sunlight, blue sky, and snow is a brilliantly beautiful combination; the sort that makes Winter worthwhile.   

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