Tuesday, June 26, 2007

At Least We Have Some Toys

JT and I arrived at the Sacramento airport this morning at 7 am. Our flight was scheduled for 8:20 am........plenty of time. I knew there was trouble the moment we got in the very long line. Most of the flights were delayed and the airline was advising us to call and re-book as we waited in line to check our luggage. That level of efficiency was a tad disturbing but I know how to follow instructions and so I got out my phone. We're leaving California 5 hours late and will catch a later flight from Dallas to Newark. So instead of getting home to NJ at 9 pm tonight, we'll be home at midnight.

We got the Sassa-grandparents to return to the airport and take us out for pancakes. Now I am enjoying the free wi-fi while JT's army dudes stage a war on the table at the airport Starbucks. All in all, not so bad.

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kln said...

the sassa-parents is a nice touch.