Sunday, June 10, 2007


When I take JT to buy new sneakers, I always have him run down the aisle to check and see if his new shoes are fast. Invariably, they are fast. When he was little he was convinced that the shoes were what made him fast. These days, he knows better. But we still play the game.

I bought some new running shoes on Friday afternoon. A lot of agonizing and trying on went into the decision. I run on an eliptical trainer for 45 minutes a day and shoes make a huge difference. The hold of the heel, cushioning, and space for the toes are all important. I once had a heel spur, no laughing matter, and so I am very careful about my feet.

But all that science and precision went straight out the window once I tried out the new shoes. With their clean white lines, silver stripes, and a touch of pink, my new sneakers make me feel fast. And, as JT can tell you, that's what really matters.

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