Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Boy Joy

While I am here in Colorado, my sweet boy is hanging out with his grandparents and the keeper of the cousins, Aunty KO. I spoke with him this afternoon while he and his cousin Spence were at Grandma and Grandpa's rounding up all the bad guys in the 'hood and he was clearly having a grand time.

I'm so glad, because my workshop is productive and I'm getting all the more done because I don't need to worry about him. But I miss him greatly and can't wait to hold him in my arms again. The day before I left I took this picture of JT and his cousins jumping in the pool and this is the picture I have in my mind. It's one of laughter and happiness and that seems to be the theme of his week.

That's a very happy thing.

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JAXTER said...

Those orange shorts rock - I am so glad he is having a great time and is feeling safe so that you can have a productive time. Really great shot the other day from what looked like the top of the world - that must have been simply beautiful.