Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Reflections on Airport Security and the Perils of Modern Travel

It is an established fact that there is an inverse relationship between airport security and size of the city. The smaller the city, the more important the airport security flunkies imagine themselves. Here in Sacramento, California, a whole bunch of us stood gape-mouthed while the TSA "officials" practically strip-searched this quiet and accommodating elderly woman. And Bob at the metal detector took one look at my Jersey license and subjected me to the 3rd degree, beginning and ending with "why do you live in New Jersey?" and tempting me to say, "because in New Jersey we eat power-hungry punks like you for lunch."

We're at the gate now..........and may I also note that henceforth I shall demand to sit in the airport "No Tuna Sandwich" section. Who thinks that it is okay to eat tuna in public? FYI: It's not okay.


Shelley said...

What's wrong with eating tuna in public?

Stacy said...

The smell.