Friday, June 22, 2007

Live-Blogging with Mom and Dad

So I'm here in my hometown and it's Friday night. We've all had supper and the boys are playing games while the grown ups talk. The death penalty. Sex. Global warming. It's all come up tonight. To whit:

1. Dad doesn't believe in global warming.

2. Mom doesn't like conflict (but we knew that).

For reasons I don't completely understand, we talked about Angelina Jolie. The 'rents saw her on The Actor's Studio and they like her. When my brother-in-law suggested that people like Angelina Jolie because she's hot (true, that), my father said he didn't agree. Evidently Mom needn't fear that Dad will walk out on her for Angelina. Brad Pitt is breathing a sigh of relief.

But Dad likes Candice Bergen. So bring on the Murphy Brown re-runs.

We've moved on to the use of debit cards (Dad is opposed) and the heat on the conversation has been dialed down.

We're a happy family once again.

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Shelley said...

What could possibly be wrong with debit cards?

W, the ever-mysterious...