Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Flower Power

As a result of his broken leg, JT's independence has been severely curtailed. That means that he's underfoot and by my side most the time. And that is sometimes a trying situation. Last week, we went to the mall to give his fabulous new cast a test drive.

The absolute highlight of that outing was an incident in the women's room. We went together because trying to pee with crutches is a real pain in the bootie and my help is needed. So we're in the handicapped stall together. He does his business and then I take a turn. The women in the surrounding stalls got to hear the following conversation:

JT: You have flowers on your panties.

Me (cringing, horrified, giving off every non-verbal cue of the shut the f*&k up variety; speaking low to discourage further chatter): Yes.

JT: Only little girls have flowers on their panties. You are not a little girl.

Me (now defiant because, seriously, I don't need censure from a 7 year old): These are big girl flowers.

This response earned me a doubtful "whatever" look from my son and smothered laughter from the women in the other stalls.

My life is endlessly, admirably glamorous.


Sharkb said...

You go, with your flowered panties!

Chelle said...

Too funny. At the risk of TMI I too have flowered undies.

Gill said...

LOL! I love it!

Sharkb said...

I don't suppose you'd want to point out the obvious.... at least you wear panties.