Monday, October 22, 2007

Real Life Conversations with JT: Truth Avoidance Edition

JT and I stopped by Target today so that I could secure a timer for brushing his teeth (don't ask) and a few other things as well. It was my second trip to Target in two days and I was annoyed with myself for having forgotten some things.

But at least JT and I got to share a warm mother-son moment, while he looked at this box of goods that I had thrown in the cart.

JT: Oh.

Mama (warily): Oh what?

JT: I've seen ads for that on TV and I wondered what it was for. But now I know what it's for.

Mama (even more wary): What's it for?

JT: For when you work out. See, there's a girl exercising on the box. It's for girls when they work out.

Mama (relieved): Exactly. That's exactly what it's for.


lumbab said...

LOL!!! BTW, I just bought a toothbrush for my dd that plays YMCA for 2 minutes while she brushes. That seemed to do the trick.

Sharkb said...

Oh fresh hell, that was a close one!

JAXTER said...

ummm, good dodge!

Paula said...

I "LOVE" this conversation. It reminds me of a similar one that my sister had with my nephew.