Friday, October 19, 2007

More Evidence that I Hit the Kid Jackpot

Every day after school, JT and I follow the same routine. Since he broke his leg, I fetch him from the after school program by 3:30 (so he doesn't have to watch as the other kids play on the playground outside) and we head home. Once home, our first task is to secure a snack and get started on his homework. He usually has a few pages of math, some phonics, math facts to review, and spelling words to practice. It's actually useful stuff (and this is a well-known opponent of homework writing here) but it takes time, the most precious commodity in the life of a single mama.

Thursday is a different pattern for us; the math and phonics pages aren't due until Monday so we save them for JT to complete when he sees his other mom over the weekend. The burden is lighter: just the spelling words and math facts. At his instigation, we did both on the car on the way home, so when we walked in the door, the afternoon stretched luxuriously in front of us.

JT's snack secured, I headed upstairs to change for my workout. Working out before 4:30.......yippee! And then, as I was working up a sweat, my boy strolled by the glass doors of the study (where the magical elliptical trainer is located). He was sweeping the floors. Yes, that's right, sweeping. Unprompted and of his own volition, the child was sweeping the floors.

"I just wanted to help out, mama," he told me.

My kid rocks.


Chelle said...

Anytime you want to send him my way just let me know. My floors could definitely use a good sweeping. ;-)

Glad you've got such a great kid.

Sharkb said...

That is one great kid. Good looking too, like his mama.