Monday, October 15, 2007

Math Facts

In pursuit of the rote memory skills one needs to go to the next level of math, JT has been working on his basic math facts. We do this every day, practicing addition and subtraction facts for at least a few minutes. We report the time allocated to the task on a chart provided by Mrs. W, JT's second grade teacher.

It's not always an enjoyable task. The other day, weary of the constant quizzing, JT suggested that I should take a turn in the hot seat while he played quiz master. So while I complained and hemmed and hawed and asked if we were done, he quizzed my math fact knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed my new role in the game, but JT was not amused, eventually employing his mama's favorite line, "This is not fun for me."


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Sharkb said...

Math facts are fun!