Sunday, April 06, 2008

Adding Injury to Insult

It's a grading day here at Sassafras House and Tiger is unhappy that I won't let him sit on my lap. Since mega-grading days aren't exactly my favorite way to spend Sunday, I can sympathize. But it's difficult to grade while petting a cat, so a cat-on-the-lap ban was issued. Tiger was insulted and after a few minutes of plaintive meowing at my feet, he decided to fight the ban. So he attempted to jump into my lap. When it was clear that the table was in the way of my lap, he grabbed hold of me with his claws.

I screamed, he yeowed, Lucy cleared out. So now I am grading ----- sans the company of cats ---- but with some lovely claw marks on my chest. Grading + cat scratches = not so much fun.


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JAXTER said...

Wow, the pain of grading is going here as well - but at least mine is all mental. Tobey thinks the bed is way better than my lap. Hope those scratches heal overnight!

kmheimer said...

My chickens would never do that.