Tuesday, April 22, 2008

When Technology is (Temporarily) Not My Friend

Over the weekend, my elliptical trainer acted a little odd......the left pedal was loose and getting looser by the mile, reducing my workout joy and causing me all sorts of anxiety. I have an extended warranty on the machine, but if it isn't working...........there goes my sanity. It's a pretty simple formula that functions like this: daily workout = sane mama. Changes to the formula are unwelcome (and unwise).

As if that wasn't trouble enough, yesterday morning my alarm clock failed in its most essential duty: alarm. I've sensed trouble brewing on that front, so I can't say that I was surprised. Still, when the chirping birds and sunlight began to brighten my room in the morning, I knew that I would have to fit clock replacement into my already busy day. Most days, I'm one of those weirdly oriented people who can wake up when I need to, simply by thinking about it as I fall asleep, so a clock is mostly a formality. But, the Sassafras in-brain alarm has been known to fail, so a clock is a necessary formality.

During a class break, I ran to a local store and scored a shiny new clock. Among its many features, it has a dimmer switch on the light-up numbers, so I no longer need fear rolling over and being blinded by my clock. But the most important event of my day was when my friend sb came over with her tools and, within minutes, had tightened my loose screws (figuratively and literally). And so the elliptical runs smoothly again.

As will the rest of my week.......one hopes.

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