Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In Grave Danger of Becoming Laverne

I have always liked things with initials. I often sign my name using just my initials. In my notes to myself, I identify my students by their initials. Monogrammed items always make me happy. I call my son by his initials. What more can I say?

So, when I saw these letters made from vintage fabric at was love at first sight.

The dots. The gingham. The tiny floral prints. The round font of the letters. The sweet shapes. All of it called out to me. I visited them for several days in a row, planning project after project that would require them to come and live in my home.

I wanted to make a UCLA t-shirt. Then I thought maybe one t-shirt with an S on it would be cute. And then I liked the bird in blue gingham. Every t-shirt in my closet would benefit from a little sprucing up, I decided. The hazard signs were everywhere, but I couldn't stop myself. I am 40 going on 5 and in grave danger of becoming Laverne.


lumbab said...

I wouldn't worry unless you start drinking Pepsi and milk! Love the shirts (and love esty!).

Sharkb said...

Very cute and the pink one doesn't look like e coli in the picture.

J.Bro said...

I guess this explains why you're interested in the presidency, doesn't it? FDR, HST, JFK, LBJ, W - it must be heaven for an initial-lover.

Stacy said...

Clearly, J Bro, has diagnosed my personality disorder.