Saturday, April 26, 2008


For a couple of years, some of the boards on my front porch have needed repair. I didn't think that we were living in squalor, exactly (though my father might disagree), but the squeak and give of the porch boards made it clear that a fix was in order. I knew that I had finally reached the repair point when I rode my bike around town and experienced envy of other people's porches.

When my parents visited in February, dad was blunt: 'This is New Jersey. If someone gets hurt, you're going to get sued." He had a point.

So the repairs have begun. JT was delighted with the emerging hole in the porch, and he sought to balance across the beams as we admired the gaping yaw of the boardless section of the porch.
I like the safe cover that has been set up as the temporary measure as the repairs move forward.
Thinking about the endgame of this process, I've been looking up porch paints and (more importantly) considering what sort of flower baskets the porch will require this year.


Sharkb said...

... and what kinds of flowers for the flower baskets?

J.Bro said...

You're not just going to leave the plywood, as if you're back among Nebraskans?

The porch on our new (knock on wood) house is one of my favorite parts, but it desperately needs to be repainted. Oh, the paint's in fine shape - but it's high-high-gloss electric blue. I'm slightly worried that it's such a serious coat of paint that even a rented belt sander won't be able to get through it.

We're thinking white for the whole porch - balusters, columns, floor, and ceiling. I'm looking forward to posts about your repaint.

J.Bro said...

I'd also like to note that I clicked the "home ownership" tag, and 6 of the 9 posts were about your basement flooding (and 1 of the non-flooding posts was about water in your kitchen). Would I be right to conclude that home-ownership is 77.8% water removal?