Thursday, April 03, 2008


I've been reading about flor rugs for a while. Finally, I ordered some samples and then I took the plunge. My new rug is a style called Home Movie, in a color called salsa. It looks great, is made for high traffic areas, is environmentally friendly, was amazingly easy to put together, and it can be easily cleaned. For a woman with two cats and one very messy little boy, this is as close to a miracle as it gets.

Check them out at their website. You'll be impressed by the rugs, though I am honor-bound to point out that you can only get a carpet there. You'll have to supply your own little kid.


Shelley said...

WOW, it looks fab! Congratulations!

Will you tell the other readers the story of your clever "what about the cats" test?

J.Bro said...

The name (and price, now that I look at the site in more detail) makes it seem like an Idea subsidiary. We took my parents to Ikea two weeks ago (yes, with a one-week-old infant), and they were suitably impressed. It's so easy to over-Ikea a house though, so Missy and I have to be ever-vigilant. If we were paler and blonder, maybe we could pull off the all-Sweden, all-the-time look.